Thank You

MASSIVE Thank you to everyone involved in making Eclipse2012 a stunning experience on so many levels.  You are all wonderful! :)

We have a Facebook group for pictures, video etc.  Find it by clicking here >>


We have new (changed) set times!  These are more current and accurate than the times on the campsite booklet you receive on entry to the festival, so share them with everyone please!  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Click here to download them >>

Survival Guide Now Online - A MUST READ..... SERIOUSLY!

There are things you need to know to prepare for Eclipse2012.  From crocodiles, to the extreme heat and humidity there are some very real potential dangers.  Please read the entire document, download it and share it with your friends. Click here >>>

Festival Map now online

Our brand new updated Festival Map is now available for download. Please note this map is more accurate than the version you will receive in the campsite booklet when you arrive. Download your copy here >>

Driving? Here are the directions from Cairns!

Are you driving to the eclipse? There are a few dangers on the road to the festival site. Please download these instructions and drive safely :) download here >>

Eclipse2012 Rises! (Site Photos!)

It's sooooo close!!  Site preparations are going well and we thought all you chasers would like to see some pictures...

Click here to check them out >>

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