Pictures tell a thousand words

Does it have trees?  Is there water?  Is the landscape epic?
uhhhh...... yes, yes and woahhh  #$%@ YES!
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First Round Tickets on Sale April 3rd

It’s with great excitement that we announce our ‘super earlybird’ special discount Eclipse 2012 tickets go on sale at  9am sharp (EST time) Tuesday 3 April.  For all the info click here>>

The countdown has begun!

Eclipse 2012 in Cairns Australia has been a hot topic of festival patrons for several years now, with details being minimal and mysterious. We are now happy to bring you some exciting details on what will be a unique and unforgettable event. Read more >>

Want to be involved?

Whether you produce your own music, paint, sculpt, build amazing installations or even educate, enlighten or entertain; Eclipse 2012 is the perfect opportunity to put your hand up and get involved.

Become an eclipse chaser!

A Total Eclipse of the Sun will occur over Northern Australia early in the morning of 14 November 2012. This spectacular phenomenon is probably the most awe inspiring event in the natural world.
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Forum is now online.

Chat with fellow eclipse chasers, ask some questions, start up a travel convoy or just tell us how excited you are about the eclipse. Do it all here >>

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