Art at Eclipse features works from all corners of the globe, reflecting the spirit of this truly international event. There will be sculptural works to climb and ponder over as they breathe fire into the night, a lake house to reflect in made from recycled materials, incredible installations along the pathways, regenerating gateways and otherworldly gardens visit over the course of the festival.

Additionally each stage will feature International and Australian crews who have been working tirelessly to bring their intricate designs from over sea and earth to exhibit at Eclipse 2012. These are zones where you can lose yourself in the sensory experience of art and music from world class artists and designers.

Eclipse 2012 offers full respect and gratitude to all artists to will be contributing at this incredible event, without you a stage would just be geometric truss and the avenues would just be a dusty path .. We thank you for bringing colour, imagination and inspiration to our festival, without the collective vision it wouldn't be as much fun! 



Phoebe Celeste
from Japan
previously known as...