Behind Eclipse2012

Who's behind Eclipse2012?

The question keeps coming up, 'who is putting on Eclipse 2012 festival in far North Queensland?’
The management team behind the event includes key members from renowned international events such as Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Symbiosis Festival (USA) with support from Glade Festival (UK), Psyclone Events and Mosaic.

These organisations have come together to make this occasion, in remote far north Queensland one of Australia’s most memorable festivals.

More information on each organisation will be added shortly.



Symbiosis Festival (USA)

Symbiosis is ecstatic to co-produce their first international event. This wonderful opportunity to work with producers from around the world is made even more special by the fact that much of the inspiration for Symbiosis was gleaned from the inspiration of attending a 2003 Rainbow Serpent in Australia. Over the past 7 years, Symbiosis has attempted to create magical moments by weaving together music and good times with education and authentic intention. The opportunity to collaborate on such an amazing event is humbling and special.


Mosaic Vision

Mosaic Vision works with innovative and creative artists to inspire change and new thought. Working with artists from all walks of life, Mosaic Vision aims to spread a positive message through innovative and creative arts and consciousness events. Previously part of the team who brought Alex Grey and Android Jones to Australia, as well as creating the Rainbow Serpent Lifestyle Village in 2012, the Mosaic crew are excited to be contributing to the Healing & Arts Village at the Eclipse2012 gathering.



Rainbow Serpent Festival

Over the past 15 years, Rainbow Serpent Festival has grown to become one of Australia's premier outdo