Conservation Donation

Conservation Donation

On arrival at the festival gate you may be asked by a volunteer to make a suggested donation of $10 or more to aid the festivals sustainability initiatives. We recognise that festivals can have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. Your donation will ensure the human impact of the festival, on the local environment, will be minimized in real and tangible ways.

If you do not donate at the gate you can at any time during the festival at the Eco Kiosk. Please given generously and be part of a community that leaves no trace and makes this festival sustainable. While the festival has already contributed over $50 000 to the basics of waste and recycling: removal of waste, land filling costs, provision of skip infrastructure and recycling facilities we need to raise another $20 000 to go beyond ‘leaving no trace’ to leaving something better.


Where will my $10 go?

Your donation isn’t going to a carbon offsetting company in a third world country. This is going towards very tangible and local facilities to improve our immediate environment when we're partying, and when we've finished. This includes:

1. The massive amount of man-hours required to clean up after the festival

2. Processing festival food waste to make compost for nearby fruit farms

3. Artistic waste collection installations and environmental education

4. The purchase of endemic grass seeds to control of the noxious sicklepod weed on the festival site


Any funds raised above $20 000 will go into local Cassowary conservation projects to ensure this endangered bird is protected as a vital part of the rainforest eco-system of far North QLD.



If you can’t donate to this sustainability of the festival go to and sign the petition.