Cosmic Alignment Gallery

Cosmic Alignment Gallery

With mind-blowing art from the world’s best visual artists the Cosmic Alignment Gallery will capture your imagination and tickle your senses. From digital art to oil on canvas the visionary arts gallery will showcase a range of mediums from our community’s best Australian and international artists. Located in the heart of the Eclipse Village the arts gallery will also be host to artist discussion panels, merchandise signings, and presentations; bringing these creative works of art to life in an intimate setting.

After the hugely positive response from their first Australian tour in 2011 we are so happy to welcome international visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey back to Australia for an exclusive appearance at Eclipse2012. The Greys will be present at the festival to display their magnificent works of art in addition to engaging our community in artist presentations and live painting. This special occasion also marks the official Australian launch of “Net of Being”, Alex Grey’s first book in 10 years!



Featuring - Alex Grey & Allyson Grey (US)

Alex Grey is best known for his paintings, which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. Grey’s visual meditation on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, is contained in his books, including Sacred Mirrors, Transfigurations, The Mission of Art, Art Psalms, plus the upcoming 2012 release entitled Net of Being.

Alex’s work has graced numerous album covers including those of Nirvana, TOOL, and the Beastie Boys; appeared in Newsweek and TIME Magazine; and been exhibited throughout the world. In 2004, Alex and his wife, artist Allyson Grey, opened the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in New York City, a gallery and sacred space for Alex’s original paintings and other visionary artworks. In 2009, CoSM moved from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley.


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey (US) - Down Under ‘Net of Being’ Book Launch

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Tribe 13 Art Collective

As a global gathering of the minds, in celebration of art, music, and community, Eclipse2012 is thrilled to announce that Tribe 13 Art Collective from California will also be joining us this November to present some of the world’s best visionary artists in our Visual Arts Gallery. Many of these works have never been displayed in Australia before, until now. You will have the opportunity to peruse the gallery, enjoy the fabulous works of art, and engage in inspiring presentations by the artists themselves.

Beginning 13 years ago, Tribe 13 has been showcasing the best in visionary culture, from utilising mobile art gallery installations in remote locations across the globe to representing world tours and mini-exhibitions in a variety of formats.

Based out of the Pacific Northwest United States, Tribe 13 represents an ever-growing list of artists not defined by location.

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Featuring Tribe13 Artists...

Plus Visionary Artists ...

Living Spirit Design
Ink Bomb Studios - Australia
Sacred Art for the Soul
Misprint - Australia