Eclipse Village

Workshops, Arts & Healing Space

The Eclipse Village is a sacred space and intentional village within the festival especially created as a zone for you to expand your consciousness, learn new skills, and to connect with fellow visionaries, yogis, artists, dreamers, and healers from around the world.  Featuring a stellar international and local lineup of teachers, futurists, visionaries, artists and elders - you’re sure to find something of interest here to add to your Eclipse experience.

The program will be loaded with conscious content and activities to add a deeper dimension to your festival experience. From yoga workshops to topical panel discussions, self-development workshops and artist presentations this will be your space within the festival to connect, reflect, and share with like-minded individuals in an open and welcoming environment for creative self-expression, thought and healing. Come and share knowledge and stories, book in for a massage, view visionary intergalactic artwork and take part in informative discussions. Or just relax and soak in the village vibes and connect more with your community.

Located close enough to the action but still in a lush chill zone of its own the Eclipse Village will be the perfect spot to while away the hours when you’re not on the dance floor. This is a space to go deeper and connect with the tribe ... see you in the Village.


There will be a variety of activities, areas and experiences to engage in, including:

  • Yoga, Dance & Movement Workshops
  • Healing & Massage Sanctuary
  • Dreamtime Indigenous Space
  • International Speakers Forum
  • Dynamic Discussion Panels
  • Self Development Workshops
  • Enviro Zone & Workshops
  • Social Change Workshops
  • Arts Workshops
  • Conscious Cinema
  • Sacred Soundsphere
  • Visionary Arts Gallery
  • Fantastic Art Installations
  • Kids Area
  • and more!


The Eclipse Village will be open both during the day as well as most nights during the festival. The program will be non-stop throughout the various spaces of the village, including workshops and presentations running back-to-back. The arts gallery will be open day and night, offering a variety of different events to take part in and the opportunity to stroll through to view the works of art at your leisure.

Presented by Melbourne-based Mosaic Vision - a creative arts touring and events company - as well as a collaboration of international music and arts crews ... in collaboration with Byron Bay’s Resonant Temple - a production company focused on conscious content, evolutionary memes & sacred space within events.