Formed in 1999 the Wellington seven-piece has never stuck to a script. Their sound draws inspiration from almost every part of the black music lexicon. Soul drenched vocals and jazz harmonies collide with tape delays and echo chambers, underpinned by a rhythm section as comfortable laying down a throbbing, techy soundscape as they are a swampy blues stomp.



A string of legendary festival performances around the world set the scene for Freddy’s debut
album, Based On A True Story. Released in 2005 to a storm of critical acclaim and public
support it remains the highest selling independently released album in New Zealand’s music

One of New Zealand's most successful bands, with their second album, Based on a True Story, remained in the charts for over two years.

In a recent article they described their performances as “ Analogue and digital, machine and musician, rehearsed and improvised, vocal and instrumental, country and techno.” With that in mind we can’t wait to see what they have planned in November.

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