Limited Edition CD

Eclipse2012 Limited Edition CD

To celebrate the 2012 Eclipse in Australia, Danielle Buntman and Twisted Records have worked together to pull in some amazing talented artists to create a Double CD, one funky and and the other down tempo.




Finally we are here, music is due for release last week of October
You will be able to buy your copy at the eclipse festival or you can order one by emailing dbuntman [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au.

Remember profits raised from the sale of this CD is going towards Aboriginal education, so please support them by buying a finished copy.


Look out for the Twisted logo and One World logo right here in Australia



For any enquires please email Danielle dbuntman [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au (subject: Eclipse2012%20Limited%20Edition%20CD%20Enquiry) (here >>)


The CD features 

1. Flowjob Azure Behaviour
2. Tristan Eclipse Of The Sun
3. Atmos Ensemble Of The Eclipse Bunker
4. System 7 PositiveNoise (Eclipse 2012 Remix)
5. FREq Champagne Sky
6. Paddy Free  Po Ahiahi
7. Tecnica Hydra
8. Gaudi Subtle Obscurity
9. Switchbox El Quetzal


1. Etnica Desert Journey
2. Benji Vaughan Itch Crackle Pop
3. Gus Moment Of Eclipse
4. Dickster feat. Big Al & Nik Didge Couch Surfer
5. James Monro Swoon
6. Eat Static  Lost Continent
7. Desert Dwellers   Seeing Things
8. Younger Brother Crystalline (YB Remix)
9. 100th Monkey feat. Neera Until The Dawn 




This will be Danielle's fourth eclipse compilation and she will be one of our Guest Speakers at the festival in November.  Click here for full details >>

Read more about the people behind the production of this CD here >>


Proceeds of the sale of this CD will be donated to The Aspiration Initiative academic enrichment program

The Aspiration Initiative’s (TAI’s) academic enrichment program provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with intensive and ongoing educational and related support, primarily during holiday periods (academic camps), and also throughout the academic year. The are currently implementing three pilot programs in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

Full program details here >>