Situated just three hours north of Cairns near the Palmer River Roadhouse, the Eclipse 2012 festival location was carefully chosen not only for its position along the centre line of totality but also for the local areas consistent good weather and probability of clear skies at this time of year.  The site is normally an expansive (500 sq miles) cattle station and the natural raw beauty of the North Australian Outback is breathtaking with views stretching out across the undulating landscape. There are plenty of comfortable camping areas with numerous trees for shelter and a large natural swimming hole that will be perfect for cooling dips during the exotic tropical conditions.

Cairns and Far North Queensland are incredibly well-set up for tourism, especially for the adventurous or environmental traveller and a whole range of experiences that must be included in your travel plans before or after the festival are barely a stones throw away. From the deserted beaches of sweeping sand , towering tropical rainforests, to snorkelling or diving in the Great Barrier Reef surrounded by colourful fish and stunning coral formations there are no shortage of reasons why this region is one of Australia’s top holiday destinations.


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