Music and StageS

Australia is an old continent with a long tradition of tribal gatherings where the sounds of didgeridoo and clapsticks created an unique atmosphere which today is instantly recognisable around the planet.

Eclipse2012 will showcase a breathtaking array of music covering all the different genres you’ve come to expect from festivals like Rainbow Serpent, Symbiosis and Glade and yes you will no doubt hear some amazing didgeridoo during the week as well!

With an open mind and adventurous soul there will always be sounds to move to and beats to feel.  We hope you are as excited as we are!

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Covering a range of styles including psytrance, progressive trance and techno the Sun Stage is the one stop destination for feet pounding aural delicacies. Presented by Rainbow Serpent Festival (Aust), Glade Festival (UK) and Mother (Japan), expect to shed calories and tone those calve muscles through a week long program of the world’s best.

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Showcasing some of the biggest names in techno, progressive and tech house the Sky Stage will lift you to atmospheric heights of rhythmic hypnotic wonder. Presented by Subsonic Festival (Australia), Shine On Festival (Australia) and Bachstelzen (Berlin) expect to be breathless as you gain altitude and lose yourself among the clouds.

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Fresh from their own Eclipse event in May, Symbiosis will be teaming up with Earth Frequency Festival and Omelette Records to present a stunning broken beat stage, with the best of what the world and Australia have to offer across the genres of dub-step, glitch-hop, future bass, ethno-crunk, breakbeats, IDM and more.

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The Earth Stage is at the heart of the festival site, situated by the lake, with it’s own beach frontage. It is the destination for live reggae, dub, world music, gypsy, electro swing, house, disco and all things in between!. The music and arts program has been carefully selected by the crews from Shine On, Island Vibe and Bushweek for your visual and auditory pleasure!

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