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Volunteer Applications are now closed!

Click here for our Volunteering Update and FAQ's


Market Stall Applications are now closed!

Stay tuned as our Market Stall coordinators respond to your applications :)  



Please note the closing dates for the following applications.

Music: Full Moon - 4th July
Creative - Performance, Vjs/Multimedia, Décor/Installation, Arts Grants: Full Moon - 2nd August
Eclipse Village – Workshops, Massage/Therapist, Kids Space: Full Moon - 2nd August
Volunteers, Media Passes: Full Moon - 31st August
MarketStalls New Moon - 16th September


When can I expect to hear if my application has been successful?

Teams are starting to respond to applications now. Expect final yes or no emails within 1 month of application closing dates.


If you have any further queries you can email the applicable area coordinators on the addresses below.

Volunteers: volunteers [at] eclipse2012 [dot] com

Workshops, Kids Space, Massage/Therapist: eclipsevillage [at] eclipse2012 [dot] com

Arts Grants, Décor/Installation: arts [at] eclipse2012 [dot] com

Performance: performers [at] eclipse2012 [dot] com