Rideshare to Eclipse2012

Rideshare to Eclipse2012

Rideshare to Eclipse 2012! Save money and meet other Festival-goers on your road trip to Cairns!

Rideshares with four in a car save 75% on the cost of gas getting to the festival – Plus with new passengers, a long road-trip is much more fun!

If you don't have anyone to drive with then try Jayride for Eclipse 2012. Jayride is Australia’s biggest rideshare – with Jayride you can find a driver or passengers to share your trip. Try it now:


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The Eclipse 2012 Rideshare is free and easy to use: You can find a rideshare, or share your own ride and meet some fun passengers who live near you! If you're sharing a ride in your car, then you can split driving duties or ask for some cash towards your costs (like petrol).

Get on the rideshare above!

Eclipse 2012’s Rideshare is by Jayride the biggest name in rideshare. Check them out at Jayride.com or on Facebook.