Sky Stage

Showcasing some of the biggest names in techno, progressive and tech house the Sky Stage will lift you to atmospheric heights of rhythmic hypnotic wonder. Presented by Subsonic Festival (Australia), Shine On Festival (Australia) and Bachstelzen (Berlin) expect to be breathless as you gain altitude and lose yourself among the clouds.  


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Featuring ... 


Tasmania, Open Records
LAB, Coco Poco Loco, Twice Shy
Tonkind [Berlin/Brasil]
Shine On / Rainbow Serpent / New Guernica
Open Records, Pinksilver
Bus records // Arcadia festival
Microbiotic records (Brazil )
Sprout, Germany
Subsonic Music/AU Underground - Sydney
Open Records, Zenon Records
Neurobiotic Records, Italy
Australia, Open Records, Bus Records
Cocoon Recordings, Netherlands
Vapour Recordings, Portugal
Adapted Records/Whomp!
Killing Time
LAB, Beef Records, Coco Poco Loco
Bedrock/ Spain
Smash Bang Records
Indie/ Brazil
Subsonic Music
Germany Tonkind
Smash Bang Records, Chameleon Recordings
Subsonic Music, Sydney
(Greece/Phonograph Music)
Bar25, Kater, Dantze