Sun Stage


Covering a range of styles including psytrance, progressive trance and techno the Sun Stage is the one stop destination for feet pounding aural delicacies.  Presented by Rainbow Serpent Festival (Aus), Glade Festival (UK) and Mother (Japan), expect to shed calories and tone those calf muscles through a week long program of the world’s best.




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Featuring ...

Nano, UK
Iboga, Flow, New Zealand
Aphid Records, UK
Digital Structures, Sweden
Nano, UK
Tribal Vision, Plastik Park, Germany
Iboga, Denmark
Free Radical Records
Country: Switzerland, Free Spirit Rec., CH
Nano Records / Zero one Music USA / Australia
AU, Planet BEN / Digital Psionics
Nano, Space Tribe, London
dooflex records.tree of life music.noqualms recs.
Free Radical Records
Neurobiotic Records, Spun Records, Ibiza
Neurobiotic Records, Italy
Iboga, Denmark
Parvati Records , Italy
GMS Music, Holland
New Zealand, Zenon Records
Adapted Records
Open Records
Open Records
Nano, London
Spacegathering / Hypnodisk, Japan
Zenon Records
Irresistible Force / UK
Maschine/ Germany
Australia, Zenon Records
Tribeadelic Recs
Digital Structures, Iboga, Israel
Iboga, Denmark
Spacegathering / Hypnodisk, Japan
Nano, South Africa
iono Music, Israel
Zenon Records, Melbourne
Alchemy Records, UK
Sonic Species - Alchemy Records
Space Tribe Music, UK
Toshiba-Emi JAPAN
Vertigo Records
Nano, London
Japan, Madskippers
Tree Of Life, Israel
Spin Twist Records
open records
Spun Records, Brazil
Etnicanet Rec / Soundfarm Studios, KOREA / ITALY