Where to see the eclipse

Where to go to observe the eclipse will depend on the following considerations

Duration of the eclipse

Locate towards the centreline of the shadow path to maximise the eclipse duration. Anywhere on the coast between Wonga Beach and Cairns will experience an eclipse of at least two minutes. In contrast, go closer to the edges of the track to maximise Baily's beads and other transitional effects.


The eclispe occurs at the start of the North Queensland wet season. There is risk of cloud. Onshore breezes may result in cloud build up to the east of the coastal ranges. However with the eclipse in the early morning, skies may be clearer. Depending on the weather pattern at the time, the sky may be clearer to the west of the coastal ranges.


There is very good road access to  most of the coastal areas. The western part of the eclipse track has no highways and the tracks are generally only suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles and are often impassable in the wet. Before venturing off the highways, check road conditions and only travel with local knowledge, and in a suitable vehicle carrying appropriate emergency supplies.


Choose a site with a low eastern horizon as the Sun will be low in the eastern sky and you may be able to see the shadow receding after the eclipse. A beach location would be ideal for this (but don't be caugh by an incoming tide). A low horizon to the west may allow you to see the shadow approaching before the eclipse.


You may want to be near where you can obtain facilities such as food, drink and toilets. The local authorities may set up public viewing areas with these facilities for the many expected visitors.