The Eclipse 2012 event in Far North Queensland comes at a very special time for our planet. Just one month before the end of the current Mayan Calendar Great Cycle in the year 2012, there is a certain powerful celestial event that has brought us here together, to collaborate, gather, and to form an alignment within our community.

As a global gathering, there will be a sacred space within the festival site to join with our fellow brothers and sisters from around the world, to share knowledge and stories, to view intergalactic artwork, learn new skills, and take part in informative discussions.

This is your space within the festival to connect, reflect, and share with like-minded individuals in an open and welcoming environment for creative self-expression, thought and healing.

The Eclipse Village is featuring an extensive program of interactive workshops throughout the village in different venues in the following categories:

  • Personal Development & Consciousness;
  • Eco/Environmental/Sustainability;
  • Healing Arts & Modalities;
  • Sound Healing & Kirtan;
  • Social/Cultural;
  • Nutrition & Health;
  • Dance & Martial Arts;
  • Yoga & Movement;
  • Creative Arts, Indigenous Arts and more!

Workshops will run from 8am - 10pm daily.



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